MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Tote

A MICHAEL Michael Kors tote rendered in sturdy saffiano leather. Exterior patch pockets offer easy access to essentials, and the top zip opens to a lined interior with 1 zip pocket and 4 patch pockets. Slim shoulder straps. Dust bag included.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Women's Jet Set Tote 2

Customer Reviews

  1. Jessica – 5 Star Rating : This bag has all signs of authenticity. Including the lining which is perfectly stitched. The logo lines up perfectly. , the hardware has the Michael Kors name on them andof course the leather is beautiful. It is a beautiful bag especially the color dark dune. I love the inside pockets and the outside pockets for convenience. After buying and returning a Coach bag and a Frye bag I’m very happy this one met my needs. The size is perfect. Not too small or too big. The price is a plus!
  2. PAR – 5 Star Rating : Great bag! This bag is just what I needed, not too big, too small. The bag doesn’t look like it has as much room as it does, but it fits everything I need to carry and then some. I took this bag to Italy and I wanted something large enough for travel, but not too large that I could potentially have trouble with security in places like the Vatican. It worked so well. It has 4 pockets to keep things organized inside and it zips shut which was a must for me. The leather is durable and wipes down nicely with just a damp cloth. It is my go-to bag!
  3. Jill Pennsylvania  – 5 Star Rating : This is a high-quality bag. I actually have bought three of them. This color, luggage is beautiful. I also have it in a light blue denim and in black with beige handles. I get a lot of compliments. More importantly, the bag is big enough to fit everything I need and I can see very well into the bag. It’s just the right size and I carry it on my shoulder and it’s very comfortable. I love the feel of this bag. I like that it’s so roomy and I like the feel of this bag so much. It also stands up because it has the feet on the bottom. I guess that’s what you call them? But it stays put and doesn’t topple over even when I have it on my car seat. I will be buying it in another color probably because there are so many more beautiful colors. I’m very picky about a handbag. I don’t want a handbag that I can’t fit all my things into and I do carry a lot and I don’t want a handbag that is not comfortable. This one is that and everything is perfect about it in my opinion.
  4. Honey – 5 Star Rating : This MK purse is totally authentic and high quality. I expected it to be bigger, but after using it I realize now that it is the perfect size. Now, as far as packaging, its great as well. Im extremely happy to see they didn’t fold the purse (ruining it) like some companies do. Instead, they stuffed and wrapped it with extreme care and padded the box down so it can ship safely and stay in top condition. I will definitely order this again.
  5. LKTrum – 5 Star Rating : I was hesitant on buying a designer handbag on amazon, because I wasn’t sure if i was going to get a real authentic Michael Kors. The shipping was quick and fast and the purse is authentic. It has the tags still on it and received a dust bag.

    The purse is a perfect size. It’s not too big and not too box-y. It’s big enough to fit a wide wallet along with my little make-up bag. It has a TON of pockets for all my little things that would usually get lost in my other purses. I’m really pleased with my purchase. What really allowed me to purchase this bag too was the free returns. So if I didn’t like it, I could always return it. But luckily I love it so it will be staying with me 😉

  6. Ashley – 5 Star Rating : Love it! Exactly what I needed for work! Mine did come with a dust bag, however it was inside the bag with all the tissue paper and I almost threw it away! Such a great bag, definitely recommend!
  7. Kindle Customer – 5 Star Rating : Love, love, love it!!! This is the real authentic Michael Kors purse. I had to pay a hefty price, but so worth it. I had originally ordered for a very low price and it came from China. Fake and very cheap. Didn’t even look like a Michael Kors. Anyway, Amazon has the best customer service. They got my refund for me and I ordered this one. I love the Tulip color, it is a very pretty color of pink. Just beware about ordering. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Pay the price and get the real one. Thanks Amazon!
  8. Verena – 5 Star Rating : Great purse. I’ve been using it for the past few months every day and so far no problems. Very durable, and I sometimes have very heavy items in it. Doesn’t scratch easily either. So far very happy. It’s a perfect everyday purse, not too big or too small either.

    Edit: I just bought another one as a present from SHOPHYDRA – do not buy from them. It was a fake. Do NOT purchase from them. I’ve already reported it to Amazon.
    The original purse is still great, been using it for 1.5 years and looks like new.
    **Update 2018: up to the beginning of the year I’ve still used this purse every single day. Besides a few small scratches and some peeling on the strap (nothing major) it’s still going strong. It seems like it’s indestructible.

  9. Janna C.  – 3 Star Rating : I love the style of the purse but have searched various websites to check the authenticity of the purse. I found universal product numbers for that purse but mine wasn’t one. I emailed the rep back & told him the numbers & actually made a mistake on my number & he said it was real. I seriously have my doubts. Will buy from a Department Store next time.
  10. QMG – 5 Star Rating : Bought this as a “push present” for my wife who is in the last few weeks of a rough pregnancy. Not sure if a “push present” is something real or something she just made up but she deserved it either way. It’s a Michael Kors so needless to say she absolutely loved it. I am no purse expert but have to admit that this is very nice and has a classic look about it without a lot of excessive bling. It may not appeal to the 20 something set, but would be very appropriate for a professional businesswoman or a random night out on the town. If you’re in the doghouse or looking for something nice for your significant other I would say this is a fairly safe bet. My only disclaimer would be to check all the available sellers on Amazon as there seems to be a wide variance in pricing. I was able to get this for under $200 which is much cheaper than the Michael Kors store in town.
  11. Bobby – 5 Star Rating : Love this purse! Now it was smaller than I thought BUT that was a good thing b/c I had too much in my other MK purse and I could never find anything. I love how it holds it’s shape… everything is so organized. Also the fact that it zips closed is very good.
  12. PatNat – 5 Star Rating : I ‘m in love with my bag,! So beautiful and chic. I carry it at all times. I get lots of compliments from my friends, male and female. The color is so bright and sophisticated! Love it!
  13. Deborah – 5 Star Rating : This purse is beautiful and functional, I LOVE it. *BUT* the “Pink Grapefruit” color in the picture looks VERY orange, but when I received it it really was a PG color, which was really great, I love the PG color, but just be aware that it’s not orange. Also, the shipping was between 06/13-06/15, and I got it on the 16th. This wouldn’t have been an issue, except that Amazon and FedEx gave me 3 different ship dates. So that was annoying.
  14. Bennett S Shin – 5 Star Rating : Great price for an otherwise pricey and popular purse! Purchased this as a birthday gift for the wife, as she had wanted a purse that was smaller than what she was currently using, and this one fits her like a glove. She loves the neutral color (dark dune) and the fact that it is made of real saffiano leather – which should hold up for quite a while. Nice understated design (not a fan of logos all over the outside) and very functional. Was informed when to expect delivery and showed up on time and was nicely packaged to boot. Great experience all around =)
  15. Josue Mourino – 5 Star Rating : This was a birthday gift for my wife, I was a little skeptic to purchase a brand name product like this one, since there are lots of fake products out there. When I got it I checked it according to different website that tell you how to check for the real product and it is legit. It has a beautiful color, looks great, and goes great with any body type.
  16. Samantha Torrez – 5 Star Rating : Love my new MK handbag!! Feels and looks great and the leather is quality. It’s very roomy with great pockets inside for organization. The zippered top is not something I was sure I would like but indeed I do. Especially when it’s sitting in the cart while I’m shopping. Helps keep the contents hidden and secure. I have received numerous compliments on it and the beautiful peacock color.
  17. Kristen – 5 Star Rating : Authentic and beautiful. I am beyond happy with my purchase and will be ordering another in a different color. Packaging was great, and fast shipping. No problems at all with my purchase.
  18. Charmaine Khan Webster – 2 Star Rating : Very disappointing that the strap burst while I was travelling. My bag was not even very full. This is the 2nd Michael Kors bag that this has happened with for me. The stitching seems to me very poor.
  19. KatherineTagtmeir – 4 Star Rating : My handbag is of great quality,I truly like it…I don’t like the placement of the zipper,I wished they could have concealed it some how…very roomy and comfortable for the shoulder and to carry…
  20. Alyssa – 5 Star Rating : Absolutely in love!!!! It is a real Michael Kors and it comes with every little part wrapped so it’s protected. Very practical and cute purse