Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Chain Shoulder Tote

This stylish Jet Set Travel Saffiano Large Chain Shoulder Tote from Michael Kors is roomy and spacious. You’ll have room for all your essentials and then some while making a real statement. This is a MK must have or a great gift idea! Imported. Style 35T5GTVT3L.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Chain Shoulder Tote 2

Customer Reviews

  1. D. Ash – 5 Star Rating : Really like this handbag. It is my weekend go to for when I’m out and about. Sturdy construction and it looks great with everything. Must expensive baget I have ever purchased but we’ll worth it and reasonable apparently. Glad I ordered it!
  2. Kindle Customer – 3 Star Rating : It is a fairly good size, not too big, not too small, but it is limited in how much will fit into it. Pretty much just essentials, wallet, cellphone, and a few other small items. It has 5 inside pockets but only one is zippered. I was disappointed that the top zipper didn’t zip all the way across the top as there are two openings in each corner after it is zipped up.It turned over in the car the first time I used it and some things slipped out of one of the openings. Makes me worry something important might slip out. It is also pretty stiff and somewhat difficult to get items out of it then put them back in. Maybe it will soften up after a little use. It is a little heavier than I would like, but that’s ok. Other than these things it’s a well made stylish bag. Maybe just need to get more used to it. I would really Love the bag if it zipped all of the way across the top.
  3. maria g– 5 Star Rating : Perfect!! Love it!! The size is just right for me! Love the color and chains. The costumer service (andres supplies) was excellent! I’m reaaly satisfied with my purchase. A genuine MK bag. It came with tags and everything.
  4. michelle  – 4 Star Rating : I ordered this in the blossom color and it is the color that is shown on the picture. Mine just came in the Amazon box, it was not in a Michaels Kors bag or anything. It does have the Michael Kors price tag tho. Its not as wide as I thought it would be and since nothing was in it, it is really flat and does not stand up on its own so I will have to put a blanket or something in it for a few days to make it like it should be. I am glad that I got it and it does seem like its authentic, its just not what I thought.
  5. Kendra S. – 3 Star Rating : I bought this purse for my mom and I think it’s pretty and a good size… for me. But I thought it was going to be bigger than what it was. It is very small. Unfortunately, I am having to return.
  6. Ron Pearce  – 5 Star Rating : I was told not to order this due to the fact it would be folded and have a crease that won’t go away. I took a chance and it came puffed up with filler paper and it was fine! Nice job with the shipping, and the purse was good quality as expected from Michael Kors.
  7. cayroll – 5 Star Rating : Gave five stars because quality purse. Genuine. It’s my fault I didn’t look at the dimensions so I didn’t want to rate it less due to my carelessness. It’s literally twice the size I like. I will happily use this purse though. Looks exactly like the picture and is as described.
  8. Charles D. Crouse – 5 Star Rating : Very attractive bag.. Workmanship is very good with great accents. I have only had it today and I have had nicec comment as to it style.
  9. marian jacobs  – 4 Star Rating : I like the way it looks but the straps could be a little bit longer and it could be a little bit bigger. But I still like it anyway it’s a cute purse.
  10. Nancy K Garza – 3 Star Rating : Nothing. The purse was way too big & material was very stiff & unappealing
  11. belinda cooper – 5 Star Rating : I love everything about this bag. beautiful, right size , nice color and very good price. get lots of complements.
  12. Jhinojosa – 3 Star Rating : I bought the purse for my wife. It feels like really great material and she loves it. My only gripe is it didn’t come with the hanging chain with MK which makes me wonder if it’s really Michael Kohrs. I don’t know anything about purses though.
  13. Lisa  – 2 Star Rating : Very nice purse my only complaint (and I should have sent it back I know) but there was a small tear in the upper section of the lining. I’m very careful but I know one day I’m going to catch it the wrong way and ripped it will be
  14. Christy – 4 Star Rating : It was smaller than I anticipated for a large purse. The chains can get twisted which is annoying at times
  15. Beverly Corbin – 5 Star Rating : just my size, love the chain look.
  16. Cari A Galipo – 5 Star Rating : Sturdy, large capacity and has a zipper. Looks great and sits nicely on your shoulder. Would recommend this bag for dressy or casual. Will stand up over time.
  17. MellowY – 3 Star Rating : I have a number of Michael Kors, including a jet set. I love my other Jet Set which is my go to bag. I thought it was time to replace it when I found this one. Unfortunately, the leather on this was so stiff, I had trouble using the side pockets, and was unable to utilize them as I do with my other bag. As such, I returned this one. If you don’t mind not being able to use the side pockets much, this is a nice looking bag
  18. Norma Jackson Roberts – 5 Star Rating : Looked exactly as pictured. Perfect for everyday.
  19. Stephanie – 5 Star Rating : Love this bag! There’s plenty of room for everything, it doesn’t slip off the shoulder. The color is great! The material is firm and holds it’s shape well. The only downside is the side pockets are a little tight but they’re good for thin stuff like phones.
  20. Dean  – 4 Star Rating : The bag is nice and you can place your keys in the side slides. The only objection I have is the dust cover was missing. I would like to have one since this is a gift